All-in-one Web App Framework

Responsive Frontend + Serverless Backend

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Tech Stack


Progressive Web App

PWA can work in the browser, even offline, and can be installed on the device directly from there, skipping the App Store.

It can also be wrapped as a regular Mobile App (using Cordova), or Desktop App (using Electron).

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Responsive User Interface

Phone, Tablet, iOS, Android, Mac, PC... No need to write and maintain a project for each one of them: Pipoca will work on any device.

Not only will the layout fit to the screen, but the navigation and UX will change on wider devices.

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UI Components

Most common Apps UI patterns are included:

- Forms

- Lists (filtered & virtualized)

- Modals & Notifications

- Onboarding assistant

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The Layout and Components are using a global Theme, which can be customized.

It can even be updated on runtime... #darkmode 😎

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Focus on your Product, not your servers.

The API runs on AWS Lambda, whereas the App is exported as static HTML & JS files, and can be distributed from anywhere, but most commonly AWS S3 + Cloudfront.

Serverless technology is reliable, scalable and cost efficient: perfect to start a project with no up-front costs.

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Most common User functionalities are included:

- Protected routes

- Sign up & Sign in

- Email verification & update

- Password lost & update

- Profile (with custom fields)

- Preferences

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The Team basics are included as well:

- Creation & onboarding

- Profile (with custom fields)

- Members management

- Access rights

- Invitations

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Content Management

Documents, Comments, Orders, Likes, Products, Pictures... They all can be handled as "Content".

They can be stored on the device, or synced with the API, even when edited offline (optimistic UI).

Attached files are uploaded directly to AWS S3, for the sake of API efficiency. Pictures can be resized before sent, if needed.

Thanks to Web Sockets, users and teams content are synced instantely across devices.

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Payment & Subscriptions

Users and teams can subscribe to plans, with monthly or yearly recurrent payment, using Credit Card or Paypal.

Plan upgrades/downgrades are taken care of, with prorata refunds, as well as receipts.

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Send notifications to users or teams, by Email, SMS, Push or In-App.

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Bring your own translation files: The app can run in multiple languages (and change on runtime).

Localization helpers are provided to display dates and currencies nicely.

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